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And anyway, Brody is an everyman, he says, just like le Carrés complex protagonists. "Theyre all casualties, as they should be in this genre, who fall victim to the Machiavellian nature of those around them."

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Apart from her journalism, she continued to write novels, though before the war they were not on the whole the sort of books that came to be associated with her when she blossomed as the world's most prolific romantic novelist. Of the central character in one of her books in the 1930s, The Daily Telegraph critic wrote that he was a "sensitive, introspective, idealistic man, miserably lonely, hating pretentiousness, carrying the weight of his riches with dignity and courage".

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Prokhorov's represented at games and practices by business associates, none with a basketball background, who often appear most interested in hosting guests at their courtside seats.

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So Ofcom gets back to what it loves doing best: Making Very Big Decisions about What's Good for Us.

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For more about Giles Deacons collaboration with DFS, and to buy limited-edition Lipgloss furniture, visit"Let it end here," said the Bishop of London at the memorial service for Diana, Princess of Wales, this morning. He was referring to the use of the princess's memory to score points. Quite right. And could we ask for an end to something else the half-witted conspiracy theories surrounding Diana's death?

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Whilst the idea of this being done to rid the universe of humankind as a pestilence was a decent enough idea, it was hardly an original one, and Steven Berkoff failed to ignite quite enough oomph into his performance as humankinds appointed executioner.

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The Huskies shot 39 percent from the field, just 32 percent in the second half (8 of 25).

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Officials: Tim Nestor, Jeff Clark, Tom Eades

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All snaps are ? Dave Akerman, who we thank for permission to reproduce them here.Video The diminutive celebrates its first birthday today, and by way of a toast to the million-selling miniature kit, we bring news of high altitude geezer Dave Akerman's latest Rasberry Pi In The Sky tomfoolery - a geekgasmic combination of ARM power and Time Lord tech.

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Chin up: But Peggy won't get her biggest birthday wish? STREET OF DREAMSElsie now: Jodie PrengerPaul O'Grady was a masterful MC,Repeated sound ? "He would not cost much. He has two years on his contract and in one year he could leave under the Webster ruling [which allows players to break contracts after fixed periods]. in aid of Demand A Plan (To End Gun Violence), encourages the public to speak up and fight for change, Ella Henderson - FireworkThe best thing about this song is probably Katy Perry - which is going to make it difficult for anyone who ISN'T Katy Perry to cover it.10.000 on a bottle of bubbly.

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